Sweater Weather? Naw… it’s Hiking Weather

The weather is getting warmer and that means HIKING WEATHER!! I love taking Chloe hiking with me, although she usually ends up dragging me through the wilderness. One of my favorite places to hike is in the Pike National Forest in Colorado. Buuttttt we live in Nashville. Not really the same thing…   So where … Continue reading Sweater Weather? Naw… it’s Hiking Weather


{Dog} Food for the Soul

What does Chloe Clementine eat? Well when I first got Chloe, she ate Blue Buffalo Wilderness kibble, various treats, a few bites of U.S. Border fajita chicken, and eggs. Sounds like a great diet, right? Well she loved it. Once she got pancreatitis, we had to go strictly to a low-fat diet. This meant changing … Continue reading {Dog} Food for the Soul